I’m still a little old school when it comes to the internet; in my head it’s still the year 2000, I’m still using Angel Fire, still having a links page, and I’m still D.R.E.


Iontide Logo

Iontide is a creative web design studio, based in the UK. They provide quality web design services (they obviously didn’t design mine as it’d look a whole lot better… :P ) and hosting. I host with them, what else do you need to know? Go and buy hosting. And if you want a beautifully designed, easy-to-manage site, then go and ask them, they’re incredibly creative men, just go look at their portfolio.


This is a graphical representation of Matt's mind

This is a graphical representation of Matt’s mind

Matty Millard is, in his own words a writer, a geek and a partial weirdo, which, in any sane person’s mind should make him a good man on all three counts.  He is a fantasy writer, and author of the book, “In That Other Dimension”, which, if you’re a fan of Douglas Adams, or Terry Pratchett, you should definitely check out. Follow the link on his site and you can download it in all forms from Amazon. Give him a follow on Twitter @Matty_Millard


Wolverhampton City Crest

If you want to see what the fifth worst city looked like before it became so, then check out Lost Wolverhampton. It’s a beautiful site, both in terms of design, and the photography that shows what my city once was, and what it could be again.