My Writing

At present, I’m hosting four examples of writing that I’ve been working on, and I appreciate feedback on any of them. I’m a terribly indecisive individual and have an attention span of a… hey, what’s that outside the window? It kinda looks like a sparrow, but it’s— oh, sorry, there I go again. Anyway, if you like, or dislike any of the examples, then feel free to tell me in the comments.

Anyway, below is a brief synopsis of each of the ideas:


Weekend Warriors


Weekend Warriors is a novel centred around themes of drugs, depression, guns, and murder, set across a backdrop of a political power struggle.

“Krys Nowinski is a mid-20s office worker in New York City who has reached a point in his life where everything has become routine. By day, he produces fancy pie charts and graphs for men who don’t care, by night, he spends most of his time alone, smoking weed and firing his pistol at tin cans indoors, in his own makeshift firing range.

Come the weekends, though, Krys and his best friend, Seb, are warriors… Chemical warriors. Together, they party hard, albeit alone. In reality, Krys is self medicating for a clinical depression he doesn’t wish to acknowledge, and Seb… well, Seb just likes to get fucked up. Krys is soon forced to acknowledge both his condition and “rage issues” by his work, when he is involved in an incident with a co-worker. He is sent to his Doctor, who offers him hope in the form of a group to help with his condition, and soon, through a series of failed relationships – both in terms of friends and love interests – and the very real prospect of losing his job, Krys reaches breaking point. He accepts the offer, and turns a corner, regaining his interest in life.

Before long, however, members of the group begin dying, and the remaining members begin to uncover a web of lies and deceit that traces all the way back to the very highest levels of power.”

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The Messiah Complex


Far, far into the future of mankind, science and religion are still at war. Many centuries from now, science appeared to have finally won the war and the planet had fallen under the control of “The Institute”. The organisation was formed long ago, for a noble purpose, but that had long since been forgotten. The Institute rules absolutely, and religion has long since been declared a crime, forcing those with faith into underground, guerrilla movements.

Of course, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, and the latter is firmly the view of The Institute. Battle rages in the slums, where faith is prevalent, and those with it rail against the injustices that science had promised it would eradicate.

But now, The Institute is a buzz with talk of its latest arrival in the fight for the planet, referred to only as “The Master”. He awakens with no memory of who he is, let alone his importance. His awakening is the most important experiment ever conducted by The Institute, and is of the utmost secrecy. Only the experiment staff and the near-mythical Section XIII are aware of its existence. Neither, however, are aware of the plot by The Resistance to strike at the very heart of Institute Headquarters.

The Messiah Complex details the race against time for The Institute to awaken The Master and make him aware of who he is, and the race against time for The Resistance to strike against the heart of the totalitarian regime and deal it a fatal blow.


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Miss Understanding

This example is the first two chapters of the novella idea, “Miss Understanding”, a gothic horror fantasy novel set in between modern day America and a monochrome fantasy world in one of the central character’s minds.

“Frank DiMaria leads a seemingly perfect life; he has a beautiful wife and two beautiful children, and a job making good money selling products that don’t really do anything, to people who don’t really need them anyway. He is a travelling salesman, selling the promise of eternal youth through cosmetics to the good ladies of America.

It is a life that seems almost too perfect, and Frank begins using the services of a mysterious prostitute he finds online, known at first as “Miss Understanding”, and later as Marilee. Frank begins to spend more and more of his money on her, and his finances quickly begin to spiral out of control. He finds ever more elaborate ways of concealing the truth from his wife, as he and Marilee participate in ever wilder and sicker sex fantasies.

Frank and Marilee prepare for one last session together, where they will tease each other almost unto the point of death itself, but a tragic misunderstanding occurs, which results in Marilee’s death. Frank is heartbroken and tries to cover up what he has done, but by now, his wife has her suspicions and is getting closer and closer to the truth.

With his life unravelling before his eyes, Frank turns to drink, when an unexpected guest accompanies him at the bar… Marilee. Seemingly neither dead, nor alive, she has returned to offer Frank a choice; face up to what he has done in the “real” world, or leave his children behind and join her in her own afterlife, a gothic fantasy world that resembles an emo graphic novel.

In Marilee’s own words, “You wanna come play with me?”


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What makes a superhero? If one were to kill criminals purely to sate one’s own blood lust would that still be a “heroic” thing to do? The novel idea “Super” attempts to answer this question, and more.

Set in an alternate world where post World War II-Nagasaki has been designated the latest of America’s states, “Neon City” as it is now known, is a seedy megapolis, ridden with crime and in need of a saviour. Step forward the secretive figure known to the public as “The Reaper”, a saviour to the eyes of millions, but a conflicted serial murderer named Sam Ryback when away from their gaze.

Sam is many things; he was part of a failed experiment to integrate nano-technology into the human body, an orphan at the age of 16 after his parent’s murder, and a billionaire by the same point in time. He is also a man who needs to kill, and whether it is down to something in his past, or just that he’s a bad guy, he takes that out on Neon City’s criminals, often in more sadistic a way than he would like to admit to.

Now though, there is a chattering amongst the masses – talk of a new nuclear catastrophe as the equally secretive Nagasaki Liberation Front attempt to get its hands on nuclear material. The Reaper faces a race against time to unmask the truth, fighting both the criminal underworld and his own sadistic impulses along the way.


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